Sewing Tips Saturday: Learn Your Machine

Sewing Tips Saturday is something that I have wanted to start for a long time now. I was waiting until I had so many weeks planned out, but excitement finally got the best of me and I decided to jump in. I hope you will enjoy joining me each week for a few tips I… 

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10 Cute and Girly Sewing Tutorials FI

10 Cute and Girly Sewing Tutorials

I love being mommy to the most amazing little boy, but I have to say there aren’t nearly as many things to sew for boys as there is girls. It does leave me a little envious as a sewer. Maybe one day I will be able to pull out the lace and glitter, but for… 

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superhero-birthday-party-ideas-for-boys fi

Superhero Party Ideas

Would you like for your little guy (or gal) to feel like s/he can do anything…at least for a day? Consider hosting a superhero themed birthday party. Becoming master of their universe is pretty serious business for kids, you know. That might be why the superhero themed birthday party is so popular. Here are some… 

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DIY-Photo-Mat-with-Printable-Cotton-Canvas FI

DIY Photo Mat with Printable Cotton Canvas

Often when I’m shopping online or in a store I see something I love, but I can’t bring myself to buy it. The main reason being I know I can make some version of it and probably for a lot cheaper. This was the case with this photo mat — I found it while on… 

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spring-de-junk-challenge-giveaway FI

Spring De-Junk Challenge Update

Well, this is our mid- challenge check in, and I have to admit trying to organizing in the middle of a move is hard. I had planned to get everything neat, organized and then pack it. I’m finding that is extremely difficult to do. With all the craziness that goes on with buying a house… 

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gift ideas for graduates fi

Gift Ideas for Graduates

Last year my sister graduated high school, and man, was it a stressful time for our family. It was so busy — there was planning, parties, different events to attend and then there was coming up with the perfect gift. Well, my sister got hers a few months late as a result. It was handmade,… 

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30+ Resources to Help Plan and Sustain Your Garden FI

30+ Resources to Help you Plan and Sustain your Garden

The hardest part of gardening, I think, is just getting started. It isn’t always easy to know what and when you should be doing things. That is why I have compiled these resources to help you plan and sustain your garden. I hope it is finally warm where you are. It was definitely a cold… 

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turning twenty quilt

Turning Twenty Quilt

I’m so excited to show you my Turning Twenty quilt! It was actually a Christmas gift to my baby sister. I’m just now getting around to taking pictures because it is hard to get willing people to hold it up for more than a second. Thankfully, I was able to get my sisters to agree to… 

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making reward stickers

Project Super Kid: Making Reward Stickers

Sometimes as a parent, I think I’m doing something soooo right, only to realize I’m not. Like the day you break your ankle, and your son goes into shock because mommy can’t do everything. I learned that not only does doing everything for your child make them not very self-efficient, but you also rob them of… 

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Quilt Labels featured image

Make Your Own Personalized Quilt Labels & Silhouette Giveaway

A quilt just isn’t complete without a cute label. Whether you are letting the recipient know who it is from, why you made it, what they mean to you or just giving general care instructions, a quilt label is an important final touch. I had put off making one for my son’s quilt, simply because… 

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card-exchange-06 cropped

A Happy Spring Card

Making handmade cards has been on my list to try for a while. Of course, I never get around to something new, if I don’t throw myself in head first. Such as,  joining a Card Swap and committing to make 26 cards, when I have never made a card before. I definitely pushed myself on… 

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