Happy Valentine’s Day


I hope you are having a wonderful day with the people you love.

Today it will just be me and my little one. So, we are going to find as many heart related activities as possible to do around here. And, we might just end our day snuggling on the couch watching movies.

Here is a wreath that I made to add a little Valentine’s cheer to our home. If I had things together at all, I would have done a tutorial on this weeks ago. This is still my first year blogging, and I definitely have things to learn. One of which, is as soon as one holiday ends (i.e. Christmas) you start preparing for the next (i.e, Valentines Day.)

photo (25)

But, not all is lost. I thought I would share with you how to make these adorable felt flowers later this week. Valentine’s may be done, but I think there are plenty of way to use these little cuties in different projects through out the year. I already have a couple ideas for Christmas. There I go finally thinking like a blogger!


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