Felt Flower Tutorial

I am so lucky that my birthday has fallen on the same weekend as our local quilt show for the last two years. I look forward to it all year. There is always such beautiful fabrics to be inspired by and notions galore. If you follow me on Instagram you know I bought 54 yards of lace. No, I do not know what I am going to do with it.  This year I left with a little more than an empty wallet and bags of goodies.  A wonderful lady there shared with me how to make these little felt flowers. I instantly fell in love with how charming but simple they were. And as always I left the quilt show beaming with inspiration on how to use these in my next project.

felt flower tutorial


You will need:

  • Felt
  • scissors
  • fabric glue

felt flower tutorial 2

From the felt cut a square, any size will work. This one is 5 inches, but I usually do much smaller.

felt flower tutorial 3

Round each edge.

felt flower tutorial 4

Start cutting into your piece. If anyone has any tips on how to take a picture while cutting let me know, it was pretty awkward. But, hopefully you can tell what I’m doing.

felt flower tutorial 5

Continue to cut around in a spiral pattern. No part of my cutting is even, but some how that makes it come out better.

felt flower tutorial 6

This may give you a better idea of how your spiral will look. I leave a little circle at the end of the felt. It will be used to help secure your  finished flower.

felt flower tutorial 7

Start from the outside and start rolling.

felt flower tutorial 8

Keep rolling. I wish I knew how to Photoshop my thumb.

felt flower tutorial 9

When you finish rolling your flower, you will have this little thingy (currently can’t come up with a better name than little thingy) at the end.

felt flower tutorial 10

Dab on a little glue on and press on to the bottom of the flower.

felt flower tutorial 11

It should look like this when you are done.

vday wreath

I used these flowers to make this Valentines wreath, but I have plenty of projects in mind for them.

I can’t wait to see what project ideas you have for them.



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