Corn and Mushroom Chowder

I’ll be honest, I didn’t grow up eating a lot of soups. It just wasn’t something that was fixed in our house. So, for a while , as an adult I tended not to cook soups either.

My husband is working really hard to broaden my horizons, so this winter I have probably made more soups than I have in my whole life.

I haven’t cared for them all, but this one has definitely been my favorite. It is a soup that I could eat over and over. I found the recipe from Taste and Tell and kind of ran with it. Adding mushrooms and changing a couple of things to suit our family better (more bacon.)

I can’t wait to try this soup in the late summer with fresh corn from our garden., but for now frozen corn works just fine.

I loved how well everything in this soup went together. I was really surprised by the flavor that the red bell pepper added, so I recommend using if possible.





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    Brenna, I was just putting together my Corn & Tomatoes roundup (posting on Thursday) and saw this recipe you shared – I am sooo making this for my mom and I when I visit her next week. We both LOVE corn and mushrooms and creamy soups!!

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