About the Blog

Thank you for stopping by, I am so glad to have you here. Life After Laundry is where I share my love for crafts, sewing, and all sorts of DIY projects, while of course juggling loads of laundry and a growing list of things to do. I would have to say though that usually my projects are on the practical side. I love incorporating sewing, and any of my talents into ways to save money and better our family. I may not bring in a paycheck each week, but I think that I can find unique ways to help us. Whether it is making my own laundry detergent of just sewing up a pair of PJ pants for our son. Don’t get me wrong I do love working on pretty things to fill my house, and I will share those also. Even then though, you will find me doing it on a budget.



 About Me and My Family

We are a Christian family, who willing lives with less. We don’t have a fancy car or the newest of anything, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. There was a time in our life when those things were our main priority, but we have found so much more joy and freedom when we stopped trying to keep up with everyone else. We are now working on a little wannabe homestead of our own. It all started with a couple square foot garden beds, and we just added 6 chicks to our growing family.

Me: I’m very blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to a very busy toddler. My husband and I have been married almost 5 years now. We have been through many great and hard times together that have brought us to this place in our lives.

I started cross-stitching when I was seven. It was that that introduced to me to the joy of making things. I have ventured out into many crafts now and am still determined to add more to my crafty resume (knitting is on my list.) I am always in search of anything vintage, the older the better, and my pearls are my favorite accessory.


The Mister: He is a Veterinarian Technician. He left a successful career as a Movie Theater GM to pursue a job that gave him more time at home with his family, in a field that he really enjoys. Not only does he love animals, he is very passionate about music. He plays 5 instruments. Although he is very humble and would never call himself a musician.

He is a big part of my blog and without him I would never have started Life After Laundry. He is always working behind the scenes to help me develop ideas or editing posts for me.

The Tiny Mister: Well, like his daddy he is a huge dog lover, and drums on anything that he can find. He is all boy and loves everything trains, trucks and dirty. He is a handful, but he is such an amazing blessing.


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