Spring Has Sprung: Chicks, Seedlings and Jam


Spring is here! Ok, not really. It’s still way too cold for this southern girl to handle, but that hasn’t stopped our family from enjoying a little spring time joy. (I know my daffodils look a little pitiful, but they are a sign of spring none the less.) I mean really, what says spring more […]

I Was Nominated For The Liebster Blog Award


Way, way back in November of last year I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Mariely from Sensational Creation. And, yes, I am just now sharing about it. It happened while my husband was having surgery and I was on a blogging break, then there was Christmas, my birthday, I got my wisdom […]

Pay It Forward 2013

The only thing I love more than creating new things is being able to share them with other people. That is why when I found out about Pay it Forward from Heather’s French Press I jumped at the opportunity to participate. Want to join in? Here is how it works… The first 5 people to […]

What I Learned From Potty Training Our Son


  If I told you I spent the last two weeks in the bathroom, you would probably think that I had been very seriously ill, Right? Nope, just potty training our little boy. Since we only have one child this was our first experience with potty training. I honestly don’t think anyone could have prepared […]